3 Questions To Ask When Purchasing Fine Jewelry

3 Questions To Ask When Purchasing Fine Jewelry

Is it your first-time buying fine jewelry and you want to make sure you learn everything that you need to know? Fine jewelry can be expensive, so it’s important to make smart decisions when choosing which piece to purchase. While there are experts available to help you, being aware of the types of questions you should ask is a good idea.

1. Is the precious metal hollow or solid?
There are a few different materials you may find in fine jewelry, the most precious being gold and platinum. These can come in solid or hollowed forms, and both are great options.

You may have heard of solid gold and trust us – this is the best of the best! Solid gold is hypoallergenic, and it will last significantly longer, making it good for you and the environment.

Hollowed materials are a great option too because it is still 100% pure, however it can be slightly more affordable while also being more lightweight. No matter what you choose, we recommend at least knowing what you’re purchasing.

2. Was the gemstone treated?
This might be the most important question you didn’t know to ask. Gemstones are treated to improve color and clarity using methods such as heat-treating, oiling or irradiating. The treatment method how you should care for your fine jewelry, such as if you should use soap, and whether or not it can tolerate heat.

3. If you’re buying a diamond, what are the ‘Four C’s?’
Color, cut, clarity and carat. You’ve probably heard these four terms, and they might not mean much to you, but these are universal terms to identify the quality of the diamond. Overall, the cut is typically deemed the most important factor when determining a diamond’s beauty but finding a balance between them all is usually a safe bet.

As you can see, there’s nothing to be afraid of when purchasing fine jewelry – as long as you remember to speak up! Jewelers are there to help you out, so take your time and enjoy the process of choosing your beautiful piece.

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