How To Choose Beautiful Rings For Thin And Thick Fingers

How To Choose Beautiful Rings For Thin And Thick Fingers

Have you ever set your eyes on the most gorgeous ring while you were out shopping, but when you tried it on, something about it looked… off? If so, it is possible that the ring shape or size wasn’t ideal for your hand.

We all know that every woman’s body is unique and certain styles of clothing are more flattering to different body types – it turns out, choosing a ring for your unique finger shape is important too! Rings of different shapes and sizes will be flattering to certain people, and it is good to be mindful of this when selecting a suitable accessory.

When it comes to choosing a ring that will look beautiful on your finger, there are several factors to consider: jewel shape, jewel size, and band thickness. Here are some suggestions of how you can select a ring that is compatible to your finger.


Thin-Fingered Ladies

If your fingers are on the slender side, choosing a petite stone may be the perfect option to add some dimension to your hand. A ring with a small jewel will look dainty against your finger, making your fingers appear fuller and wider.


Thick-Fingered Chicks

You may think having thick fingers is a disadvantage, but in reality, you have the perfect opportunity to flaunt a larger jewel – the bigger, the better, right? It is a good idea to choose a jewel that doesn’t leave too much space on either side, as this will make the finger appear even wider. Instead you can flatter your finger shape by going with an oval jewel with a thicker band, perhaps even with smaller jewels surrounding the main gem.


Long-Fingered Girls

Long-fingered ladies can run the risk of looking too bony, but lucky for you, there are perfect rings that can keep your length appearing elegant and beautiful. Round and square stones are amazing options for you ladies, as well as a thicker band – these styles are recommended to give the illusion of a shorter finger. 


Short-Fingered Women

Us ladies with shorter fingers want to avoid jewelry that will further shorten the appearance of your finger – it is easy for short fingers to be overpowered by chunky jewels. Choosing a thin band for your ring is a good way to give the illusion of length, as it will look small compared to your finger. Additionally, choosing an oval or rectangular shaped jewel is recommended over a round one, offering different shapes to your finger and providing a lengthening appearance. 


Choosing the perfect ring can be an exciting yet overwhelming process – with limitless selections of gorgeous stones adorning elegant gold bands, it’s difficult to know which style looks best on your finger. Although there are so many options, if you shop with the goal of flattering your unique finger shape and size, your accessories will take your whole look to the next level.

Despite these tips, the most important aspect to consider is choosing a ring that you love – if you feel confident, your beauty will shine beyond any trend or recommendation. Your opinion matters first!

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