How To Care For Fine Jewelry

How To Care For Fine Jewelry

When you finally have the jewelry of your dreams, there is nothing quite like staring at the sparkles in awe. Don’t let the beauty fool you, though – you must take care of your jewelry in order to preserve their shine to years to come.

You know you should take care of your things, right? 😉 Well let’s start with how to take care of your fine jewelry:

1. Get your jewelry insured
Just do it. Purchasing fine jewelry means committing for the long run, so trust us: you’ll be glad you did.

2. Store fine jewelry in a cool, dry place
If you decide to take your jewelry off, be mindful of where you put it. Environmental factors such as sunlight, oxygen and moisture can cause your jewelry to fade or tarnish. It’s better to keep it secured in a jewelry box when you aren’t wearing it – and keep jewelry separated so they don’t scratch each other!

3. Try not to touch the stone
We know, that’s easier said than done. However, the perfect crystal structure that attributes to its beauty is the same reason they are so good at storing dust and oils. By touching a ring by the band instead, you can keep it clean with less upkeep and maintenance.

4. Avoid chemicals but still keep them clean
Bleach and other chemicals used for cleaning can be damaging to stones, so stick with the basics – soapy water can go a long way, even for fine jewelry. You can clean your jewelry gently using a toothbrush with soft bristles, but if in doubt, remember you can refer to your jeweler for specific cleaning instructions.

5. Take it to be professionally checked
Professional jewelers can help inspect your jewelry for damages as well as provide a deeper cleaning. This check-up can greatly extend the lifespan of your fine jewelry, so don’t skip this step!

Wearing fine jewelry is an exciting moment of any woman’s life and taking care of your pieces is all part of the process. Following our simple tips will help your accessories shine for as long as possible.

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