Your Brand Identity Expresses Your Brand and What It Presents

Your Brand Identity Expresses Your Brand and What It Presents

Express your brand. Every thing that you do with the visible elements of your brand are effecting your brand identity.

Name: should reflect the value and purpose, associated with the brand persona, easy to say, and memorable. There are made up names which are great when they are branded but it's much harder to brand.

Look and feel: what the customer sees; logo or symbol, word mark, color pallet and complementary colors, font, etc. All the above should be consistent throughout all the touch point of your brand with the customer: site, email, product, packaging, post process phase, etc.

Customer / brand experience: in regard to touch points, our goal is to select a driver from the list of brand drivers that we can emphasize in each touch point.

Internal communication: making a promise and keeping it comes down to employees, they need to understand the promise and then know how to communicate it. Train your employees, for each group of employees the training should be different, sales people will focus on different brand values then customer support - know your audience. What your employees need to know is: brand promise, company values, drivers, look and feel, brand persona, and what to communicate.

Product / service: this is the vocal point of the brand. There should be no gap between product and brand promise. Make a list of all the key features, then name the key benefit that this feature delivers (economic, functional, self expressive, emotional), afterwards ask yourself if the feature somehow supports or links to one of the brand drivers.

External communication: focus on authentic persona. Answer who, what, why, where and how: Why do you want to communicate? Who is your target audience? What are you about to communicate and what is the best brand driver for it? Where do you communicate? How do you communicate? be sure to refer to your brand book before communicating.

Digital: social media is very important, all copywrite and creative should be integrated, all should have a common look and feel, same voice and tone (of the copywrite), who can and cannot post. Make sure to specify the role of each social media site - choose the relevant driver for each marketing in the digital channel.

Packaging: it's one touch point and maybe the important one, because this is maybe the first touch point when getting the physical product.

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